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Turn Heads

Aye yi yi... This page got BUSY! The draft had it spread out more, but I liked the idea of ending the chapter with a full width panel of Michael unable to sleep cause he's suddenly very excited about Halloween... O_o

So I hope the dialogue is not too dense over the art for my readers. :/

So we're now up to a Chapter Break! Two full weeks this time (I think I short changed myself regarding the last chapter break (on TOHS).

The title will return on October 14th! I'm hoping to have some Michael contest art to show off in the weeks between (I've already got one! EEEE)!

Halloween Dress-Up Contest

September 1st and through October 7th, I will be running a contest! Michael's been lamenting that his favorite holiday, Halloween, is coming up, and he can't figure out what to wear!

I'd like you guys to help him out! Describe or draw a costume that Michael may have tried on in his effort to come up with something suitable!

  • The top three suggestions will get their costume idea featured on the comic site with credits and links to their page(s)!
  • The best comic suggestion will win a free Kindle Copy of Michael: The Cause!
  • A Welcome to Our New Members!

    It was definitely a tough decision this year to select from all of the amazing applications that came through our doors! We've been working feverishly to get them all onboarded, and now we're happy to announce our twelve new Spiderforest Webcomics!

    We'll be featuring them over the next few weeks! Definitely check them out and see what you'd like to add to your personal reading lists!

    For the week of September 23rd-28th!

    A story about witchcraft, ghosts, responsibilities and the gay experience.

    Slice-of-life adventures from a Fantasy world.

    A fantasy tale following a ragtag troupe of bards out to solve a murder mystery!

    A child foretold to be a fearsome god killer embarks on a desperate quest to change fate.