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Like Father Like Son

When you go around in hoodies and oversized jeans all the time it's a little hard to see how much you've really grown.. (same goes for your parents seeing how much you've grown.)

I know it doesn't look like much of a halloween costume, but it will suffice if he's "coming as is," right?

Speaking of costumes...

Halloween Dress-Up Contest

September 1st and through October 7th, I will be running a contest! Michael's been lamenting that his favorite holiday, Halloween, is coming up, and he can't figure out what to wear!

I'd like you guys to help him out! Describe or draw a costume that Michael may have tried on in his effort to come up with something suitable!

  • The top three suggestions will get their costume idea featured on the comic site with credits and links to their page(s)!
  • The best comic suggestion will win a free Kindle Copy of Michael: The Cause!