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About Gemutations: Michael

The Short of It:

The story follows Michael through his high school years, and the trials he faces when his secret is revealed in the most random of ways. Michael finds himself in the eye of a storm. On one side there are the Purists, looking to keep people like Michael out of public schools, and on the other an equality movement trying to get Michael's kind the same sort of freedoms guaranteed by the constitution.

Only problem is....

Michael has no desire to be a desegregation poster child for the Gemue Equality Movement.

He just wants to survive his freshman year.

Michael is Denise's first Young Adult offering to the world, something she at once looks forward to and hopes to do justice by.

About the Creator:

Denise, or Darwin, as she likes to be called, has been writing creatively since the age of nineteen. She has been drawing since the age of 4 1/2. She currently has fourteen self-published novels.

In 2006, Darwin was convinced to combine her two passions and adapt one of her many stories into graphic form. Starting out on The Duck Webcomics with Gemutations: Plague and then The Only Half Saga, she gained a moderate following and was soon invited by members of Spiderforest to apply for membership to their collective. By 2011 she was accepted to the Spider Forest Comic Collective and moved her comics to their current home.

Her former webcomic efforts are Gemutations: Plague (Completed) and the current run of The Only Half Saga. You can find both titles at Darwin Comics

As you can tell by her "other comics" listing, she didn't stop there. And each year she brings on board another set of characters in the graphic style.