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Gemutations: Plague (Complete) Rated: Mature

David Tigershark Scott and his girlfriend Angelina know what it's like to be the subject of persecution and prejudice. Until five yers prior they were on the other side of the fence on the issue. The gemue (genetically mutated humans) population is one of the most persecuted in the history of the United States. Their situations stands to get more dire should the general population find out about the crop of gemues who are capable of spreading their mutation like a common cold. It's up to them, with help from new found allies in Tom and Steve Martin to find a cure before the situation leads to a war between the two genus of humans.

The Only Half Saga Rated: Mature

The nuclear apocalypse seemed the perfect time for the supernatural elements to come out of hiding. Even they aren't on equal terms. Dhampirs are shunned, even actively hunted by their vampire cousins. Humans are paranoid and dangerous on the best of days. It's in this dangerous environment dhampirs struggle to survive and make lives as they can. This is the Only Half Saga - this is their story. Currently: Of Dhampirs and Warlocks

Midnight Rated: Mature

Sierra finds herself at a Halloween Party without the girl she thought was a life partner. While she loves the holiday all she can feels at the moment is hurt and betrayed. Even the party is boring, until she shows up.

Common Ground Rated: Mature

What would you do if you found yourself in a place where the laws of physics seem to have no sway - where an ancient vampire seems to be running the show - and you're not sure who you can trust out of the people in your party. You have to find common ground.