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Alternate Consequence

One philosophy that I can concur with regarding education, is that suspending or expelling a child doesn't have any positive effect on their learning. If anything it puts them futher behind in their studies. In Michael's case gettings suspended probably wouldn't hurt his feelings at all. I mean he ditched school so people wouldn't find out he's gemue for heaven's sake... that HASN'T changed!

So it looks like Michael's extra curricular free time is going straight out the window! And the part about Survivor's Shelters? You remember THOSE right? Yeah, that isn't going to be fun....

Yemen Charity Zine

Myself and 50+ other creators got together and donated art to create a zine to raise funds for Hunger Relief for the Yemeni Crisis. The Zine features original characters as kids having fun and it is yours for a donation in any amount! Our goal is $5,000!

Won't you help us support a good cause? Any and all donations welcome! All proceeds go to the people of Yemen in their hour of need!