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Just a Normal Day...

Seems like everything is pretty normal... just another school day.

Darwin's Domain Discord!

Yup, I broke down and got me a Discord Server If you're interseted in real time discussions about my comics or my novels I've set up channels for just that! Please stop by! I want to hear what you have to say! :)

Comic of the Week - 5

Science Fiction and Fantasy often go hand in hand. Whether lines of power, space politics, or a field trip gone arwy, follow the adventures!

Leylines by Robin Childs - When an irresponsible prince, his dream-weaving sister, and their adopted brother are given a mission by a voiceless goddess of dreams, they will be forced to choose between their future and their family.

The Ferrin by Alyssa Laraine Steele - All Elanor wanted to do was finish her Thesis project. Looks like she's going to have a lot more to write about than just the Ferrin's social behavior if she ever gets to finish it.

Sunset Grill by Kat Feete - Gangsters. Soldiers. Public defenders. Ordinary people struggling to survive in an extraordinary future. They all have one thing in common: they all drink beer.