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Into the Fog

Another short transition to the main event here. :P

I know at least one of my readers is EAGER (More than eager) to meet Rowen in the flesh!

More add on story on this page as well. The written version approaches this meeting a little bit different.

SpiderForest's Anthology Kickstarting

SpiderForest's latest Anthology focuses on the immortal! As such Cabal from The Only Half Saga found himself center spotlight for the short story "Immortalized"!

Read it and 15 other short stories from SpiderForest Creators! Check out the Immortal Kickstarter going until May 22nd

SpiderForest Application Season Approaches!

That's right start preparing your application portfolio! SpiderForest is having their Summer Application season from June 10-30! If you're looking for a group that values diversity and works to lift every member up, consider applying for membership!

Please check out the Apply Page for all the requirements!