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Heading home

With yet more to think about, Michael finds himself having to walk home. We all remember what happened the last time he did THAT...

And that is a wrap of this chapter!

I will be posting some concept pieces I've done in the past few months to cover the two week chapter break. The comic will return on March 11 with "Any Port in a Storm".

Fight the Good Fight

Fight for belief, fight for right, fight to defend those who can't help themselves... this is what heroes are made of.

Steamgear Inc. - The story of Ax Arcenast, a woman with an alchemical fire extinguisher who fights for justice after her brother's death at the hands of the world's greatest tech company.

Autumn Wing and the Crown of Fire
Autumn Wing and the Crown of Fire - In a beautiful and dangerous world, gentle nephilim Autumn journeys to create his own halo to become an angelic hero and prove his worth--and perhaps, find the beauty within himself along the way.

Symmetry Ruler Michael

I recently got clued in on where to find my Symmetry ruler on Clip Studio! So this was one of the practices I did with the tool! I think it actually came out VERY well considering!

Comics of the Week 8!

The Road We Travel

Pitfalls and pranks, curses and obligations, these travelers must band together to get to their destiny.

Halflight - One elf's journey to understand her truth and help save the world.

Tamuran - The story of a motley assortment of outcasts, shapeshifters, and monsters who, against all odds and any stretch of reason, may be a cursed kingdom's last hope.

Brothers - Postmasters Sprout and Oz become unlikely heroes after discovering a mysterious magic mailbox.

Filler: Rowen Teaser

I FINALLY get to introduce a new character who will be a permanent part of the current group! EEE! This chapter is the one! Stay tuned!

Comics of the Week 9

We are in our final week of this Spiderforest Cross Promotion! Thank you so much for supporting the program (as I run it) I hope that you have enjoyed finding some new titles to read!

Be True to Your School?

Figuring out life can be truly difficult, especially during those years while still in school.

True Colors
True Colors - Four college freshmen are thrown together by a dorm room mix-up. Their attempts to make the most of new beginnings are complicated by past traumas, future plans, and family legacies.

True Colors is also running a KICKSTARTER! Please take a moment to look at it and consideer backing Tripp! Michael is the other COTW this week, so please pass the word about how much you love this title! <3