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In That Time

Here comes Michael's indignation in full force. Can't really say that I blame him, but hell he tried to hide what he was from the world too. I don't know that he can blame Evan, deep down, for remaining silent about things.

COTW Week One: It's Not the Destination...

Welcome to the annual Comics of the Week cross-promotion! Stay tuned each week for a new set of webcomics in the spotlight!

It's the Journey! It's truths revealed, friends made along the way, and lessons learned.

Clover and Cutlass
Clover and Cutlass - Maggie is a reluctant heir to the local warlord, who falls for Jolene, a burnt-out healer. Unfortunately, Maggie's parents want Jolene dead.

The Chronicles of Oro
The Chronicles of Oro - Magic, crimes, dragons, and babysitting. Juniper Snow is spirited away to another world and is now now implicated in a teenage crime spree, entangled in the fate of the world, and must deal with all this while also managing an unexpected babysitting gig.

Sao and the Glow of Memories
Sao and the Glow of Memories - A young boy searches for his abducted clan. The world he ventures into is one where men, monsters, and spirits are at war, each scarred by a legacy of conquest.