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The Return Home

Michael arrives home to find that the news has beaten him there.

This could be a very interesting conversation.


So I really liked the Inktober I did last year, and wanted to do something again this year. But I got the brainbolt that I COULD do to things at the same time... do Inktober, yes, but do FAN ARTS of some of my favorite webcomics!! So I am ten days in and LOVING not only doing ink only sketches, but touting some of my favorite webcomics at the same time! Check out my Inktober Gallery on Deviantart for the entire collection so far!

Week of October 9

Chosen Ones and Dark Destinies

These stories explore people with extraordinary powers... but a dark path to walk.

Aster and the Fire
Aster and the Fire - A failed Chosen One accidentally falls into the life of magic-fueled crime.

In This Darkened Land
In This Darkened Land - Enter the Chosen One and his mortal enemy, bound together by a curse which makes them feel each other's pain.