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I Was Right?

I think Michael expected a bit of a wild goose chase with Evan, and isn't quite sure how to process the news now that it confirms his suspicion.

September 11, 2001

It was twenty-two years ago today that the United States was terrorized on her own soil. That fateful day four planes took off and shortly thereafter were turned into flying bombs. Two planes struck the World Trade Center, another Struck the Pentagon, and the fourth was forced down in field in Pennsylvania by the brave souls who stood up to their hijackers, refusing to let them do more damage than had already been done.

Still it was a tragedy... One that directly affected me as my unit went to sea early in support of the counter-terrorist effort.

Its echoes still haunt the lives of, not only of the people who lived through it, cleaned up the rubble and broken bodies, or fought the ensuing war on terror, but every person today. We still see it in the increased security at large gathering places.

I know I will never forget the event. I may shunt the memories aside for a time, but those images, those actions are indelibly imprinted in my soul.

Remember: "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."~ George Santayana And there are many lessons to learn from that fateful day....