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Made it... barely

When I was planning this page, the first thing I thought of was Michael wiping the tobasco/tomato juice from his neck... After that I had the grand notion to have the shadows of the crowd reflecting off the buss windows. That decision proved harder than I thought, as I warred with how much of the interior should be visible vs the visibility of the shadow crowd.

I hope I struck the right balance between the two (Thoughts are welcome).

And thus concludes the Chapter! Therefore I will be going on a two week chapter break! Michael will return August Twenty-Second with "Suspicions".

Stay tuned for concept art and other news in Michael's Universe!

If you like this story, and don't mind a mature rated comic, please check out the "mother comic" Gemutations: Plague

The story is set about seventeen years before Michael. TW for nudity/violence/language/ and an uncanny parallel to the just passed viral crisis we suffered.

Also check out the Gemue Zodiac I have been posting in the Gallery! Along with the fan arts I've recieved over the years!