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Early to Class

In his effort to get away from the media buzz outside, Michael dashes to his first period class - uncaring if he's too early.

Hello Hyvor!

You may have already noticed that there is a new commenting system! I have been shopping for a replacement to Intense Debate due to the systems lack of support and increasing glitches. Hyvor is a pay system for me, but that's okay if I don't have to deal with ads.

You can comment as a guest with just your name and your email address! So there is no need for you to get a Hyvor login! Please take a moment to test drive the new system.

The comments from ID will stay there for now. I'm hoping to get a way to import them into hyvor.

SpiderForest Application Season 2022

That's right it's that time of year again! If you have a long for or strip comic with at least one non-prologue chapter and are looking for a group of creators who support each other's goals no matter how big or small, then consider Applying for Membership!

Applications will be accepted from June 6-30th with voting slated to happen in July! Good luck to any and all that apply!