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Not Happening

Evidently Burt Bartholomew has a reputation at the school if even a freshman knows who he is. O_o

Didn't take long for the gemuephobes to come out of the woodwork did it?

Comics of the Week Returns!

That's right! We needed to rearrange some events in the community and rolling back COTW to an earlier date frees things up for our Kickstarter to be center stage at the beginning of the year!

Get a Slice of THIS Life

Working in retail hell or robots exploring humanity, slice of life isn't normally like this!

Honestly Not a Robot.
Honestly Not a Robot. - Your webcomic guide to starting a career at Damnson's Premium Supermarket! *may contain low pay rates, work stress and puns

Now Recharging
Now Recharging - Now Recharging is about sentient/sapient robots exploring existence and making friends! Join Emmie the android as they navigate the ups, downs and wonders of ordinary life. Discover an ink-and-watercolour world of cute robot nannies, soft fluffy sheep, super cool gladiatorbots, fairy tales, fresh laundry, pancakes and more!