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And the tension breaks... in the worst way possible!

Cory forgot one thing - silly really for a guy who knows about gemues out of spite - gemues are stronger and faster than humans. What did he hope to accomplish?

Don't worry, Michael really won't hit him, he's just trying to make a point.

Michael could break him if he really wanted to. However, he's been carefully schooled NOT to use his inherent strength while at school...

Due to the climate (still) about gemues in general, Michael knows he's not to make himself the "bad guy".

Thanks for all the Apps!

Spiderforest Application Season is now Closed! Thank you everyone for your contributions to our season!

Now our real work begins!

Voting will proceed throughout July, with the hopes to have letters out to all applicants by the first week of August! Keep an eye on your inboxes!

We want to wish all applicants luck!