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I'm sure you've seen this sort of thing in school before? Some bully just randomly picks on what they see as an easy target? He even had his comeback to Michael's surprise already scripted. Though I think it becomes a different meaning when he actually focuses on Michael's face.

Poor Michael... we all knew this was coming eventually, right? There's no way he could go 180 days of school without the general population finding out what's really up with him!

Spiderforest App Season Approaches!

That's right SpiderForest Application Season is less than a month away!

Do you have a long form comic with one complete non-prologue chapter or strip comic with at least twenty-five pages? Are you looking for a group of like-minded creators with a focus on community, member improvement, and support?

Why not apply to become a member of the SpiderForest Webcomic Collective? Application will be accepted from June 8-30, with voting the following month by all members of our collective.

Please stop by the Apply Page and the FAQ page for more information on what we consider for our member comics and the expectations of membership if accepted!

Good luck to any and all that apply!