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What About the Ears?

Oh gosh, I had way too much fun working on this page. The whole Trekkie reference keeps coming back... :P

A few add on momnents here as well.

While Mr. Matthews did in fact swing through and bolster Michael's ruse in the book, I never EVER thought through that he might actually DRESS UP for the occasion. The principal where I teach does the dress up days, and I don't see Mr. Matthews as a fuddy duddy when it comes to these things.

Any ideas who Mr. Matthews is emulating? It's pretty subtle and you would have to know the reference. Not to mention the person was on TV in the 60's and 70's.

I'll reveal his costume next update or confirm it if someone guesses it.

All that aside I had fun with that little add on convo at the end of the page between Corbin and Michael.

Call for Guest art - Unplanned Hiatus

So I've been putting off a publishing project for one of my novels because I've been behind on Comic Production. I REALLY want to get this novel out before 2019 ends and all I have left is the novel cover.

To facilitate that I am taking a hiatus from November 11-24th. Updates will resume on November 25th with Michael.

I'm asking for Guest Art to help fill in the blanks the two weeks I'll be out.

Please send any guest art/comics/fanfics to the contact link above, and I will be sure to credit you and link your work so people can check out your awesomeness in person! Thank you in advance!