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Called Away

So there are both highs and lows on this page... :(

Most of the page came out as well as or better than I was hoping. The car interior? One of my best. The last cell of Michael I am so not happy with, I tried over and over to draw that turned away hood (because Michael's talking directly to Angelina) and no matter how many times I tried, I could NOT make it come out like I wanted to. :( It still doesn't look right!

Sigh, and it got to the point where I just had to go with it, because things were getting worse not better!

Upcoming Contest!

So with the introduction of the idea that Mandy wants Michael to dress up for Halloween, it sparked an idea for a contest!

The idea is to have readers describe or draw a costume that Michael might try on/wear for Halloween. The official announcement will come out September 1st, but I'm telling you now so you can start planning something. It can be ludicrous, it can be funny or cute, but he HAS TO dress up! The contest will have prizes (I wanna say top three, though I have to solidify what two and three are!)

Please be on the look out for the official announcement on September first!