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Should Have Done Time

David's got a pretty dark and violent history. A solid foundation of it that Cortez/Marcus used to create Tigershark (even when they didn't know just what they'd gotten a hold of).

This is not a past that David's confessed to Michael before now. Pretty obvious by Michael's reactions...

There are situations where someone with a criminal history escapes that life... does their time/reforms... and I was using the idea of how a conversation about said past would play out if they should have kids.

Comics of the Week: 2

A new week a new set of comics for you all to drool over! This week we see different "Paths to Discovery" - Science fiction and fantasy stories where the characters are in the process of learning - about themselves, their world, their friends! Check em out!

Heart of Keol - A young man from a broken family wakes up in a strange world filled with magic. As he navigates through the local culture, he makes mistakes, meets new friends, and reflects on his family baggage.

Corner the Maze - Chimalli Ramírez is a racing driver eager to make his mark with a new team. When he finds himself stranded in another dimension after veering off track during a sudden rain storm, he's not sure whether he hit the wall or actually went through the strange glowing green portal, but he's determined to fight his way back home and finish the race. Teen for Violence, disturbing imagery and occasional swearing

True Magic, the Comic! - A fun fantasy adventure about handsome peasants, the fireball-throwing nobles who use them for target practice, and the dangerous conspiracy they stumble into on their quest for better treatment.