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I Thought Not

Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays!

Christmas Eve! I hope that you will enjoy your time with Family and Friends (One of these times I'm going to actually have my story lines coincide with a fricking holiday! LOL!). No matter what (if anything) you celebrate, I hope that you will have a happy, safe, and pleasantly memorable time! Enjoy!

Today's Page

Michael's small rebellious streak died a small death there huh? David has a reputation, and Michael's not sure he wants to challenge that.

Time for some truth... Tigershark Style...

Though it's not really spelled out here on page, Gemue school are... to put it politely, lacking in solid education. The book goes into much more depth about it, but a short list? Lacking approved, universal curriculum, no permanent building/location, few qualified teachers.

So Michael would be taking a downgrade were David and Angelina to even consider putting him into a gemue school environment. More on that coming up next page!


It's been almost a year since Michael started! (WOW already?) If you have enjoyed Michael, and would like insider information, a look at WIP's of coming pages, or just want to hang out and talk, I have a Darwin's Domain Discord where you can do just that!

I have recently upgraded available channels to include a Self/Cross-Promotion section, entertainment talk, an art share section, and a place where I show my WIP stages for upcoming comic pages!!