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Something of a Rough Morning...

I do not like how the tile came out on this page.. I'll be perfectly honest... I'm having one of those nights where spatial awareness isn't working right... so no matter how I manipulated them it just didn't end up looking like I wanted.

Sigh.... The "action" on this page is a bit of a saving grace... between kneeling and then pulling Michael up, I like how David moves through this scene.

This wraps up Jury of My Peers... next chapter will be Misconceptions... What's going to happen when David get's Michael home... better yet, what will ANGELINA do to him? Mom's are not to be crossed y'all....

Some Minor Changes

You may have noticed that the chapter navigation has been removed from the comic page. I am hoping that is temporary. I was recently given a way to have a dynamically updaing archive page! So take a moment and have a look.

I no longer have to REMEMEBER to update the archive listing each time I new chapter starts, this code will do it for me.

Unfortunately... it breaks the chapter navigation code, so until we can reconcile those two the chapter nav will not be available on this title.

I'm hoping that our coding experts for Propanda 3 can find the cure for this version, because I would like to have chapter navigation AND an automatically updating archive on TOHS and PLAGUE (REALLY LARGE ARCHIVES)