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Not Okay...

I had difficulty drafting this page...

See the thing is I liked the Original Page from the first iteration. The last three cells are really pretty great (Not perfect of course but pretty good!).

But I realized they weren't going to work for the way I had set up the first couple of cells on the page. So I redrew them trying to retain the spirit of the first go round! I hope it lives up to the hype!

Michael: Anger Management

I am finally starting to write the second novel in the Michael series. Titled Anger Management, Michael finds that being a sharkmue has other side effects, including instincts humans lost a long time ago and a growing temper. How will he handle that without proving to his peers that he's as much a danger as Purists suggest?

Want to be in on the ground floor AND help me smooth the kinks out!? I'll be posting chapters as I finish them on Fictionpress! The first chapter can be found there NOW! I am looking for everything from gut checks and filling plot holes to grammar and spelling (and sanity) checks! So if you've read the first one, or you majorly want to spoil the webcomic for yourself please swing by and help me out!

New Member Comics: Comic Hijinks!

Hilarity and adventure, hand in hand in the best way possible!

Check out:

Northwind: Angels Tiel and Iax accidentally release the Northwind, which results in their banishment to Earth. Watch as they hilariously learn to fit in with humans, dodge the Northwind, and discover a potentially earth-shattering demon plot.

The Stoop-Gallants: When Ru drunkenly discovers his necromantic powers one night, his life is irreversibly changed and he embarks on a quest to get rid of his desiccated new companion, meeting a colorful cast of knights, wizards and scholars with mysterious cheese allergies.

Flaky Pastry: Follow the unlikely adventures of three room mates: Marelle, Nitrine and Zintiel. Silliness and situational comedy, with a healthy dose of adventure, action, romance and outright craziness.

Ingress Adventuring Co.: Saving the world is a pretty big deal, but what do you do when no one needs you anymore? Do you become a magic professor? Do you study a convoluted thesis that no one understands? Maybe you relive the glory days by starting up a one-man adventuring party to gather mystical artifacts for people who may or may not pay you.

Or, if you're Toivo Kissa, you do all of those things.