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Here to Help....

O...M...G... two of my least favorite things (wait three). Crowds (there are fifteen out of the approximately 33 students in this class)... Detailed Backgrounds(desks? Windows? Whiteboard details?).... Perspective shots (Stil not sure that's quite right...)...

This page took me WAY too long to accomplish (I think it pushed eight hours... I don't normally take that long!). However, it was important to establish the setting for this particular scene, y'all....

And I think the effort paid off. What do you think?

And Ahhhh Cory... we will come to get to know him quite well... obviously he's a bit... PUSHY. The ways people react in situations such as these vary greatly. And it looks like anger is Cory's core reaction.

Spiderforest Application Season OPEN!

That's right! Seven Days remain in Spiderforest's Application Season! From now until the 31st of July you can apply for membership to Spiderforest Webcomic Collective!. Stop by our Apply Page to see what the requirements are and to fill out the application!