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Fess Up

School's out for summer!

I'm not going to take this moment to fill in gaps, but everything on this page is purposeful - including that black eye. :P

You're welcome to make conjecture on what is going on. :)

Comic of the Week - Week 2

This week's offerings will show the two sides of the superhero genre! The superheroes and their nemeses the supervillains!

Supervillainous by Zap - The Crimson Claw is a career supervillain. He's got a flying fortress, and army of henchmen, and ill-gotten wealth. He's also got a family - one that he will stop at nothing to protect and provide for. How can he find a balance between villainy and family?

Vanguard by Dan Butcher - In the near future, a small team of genetically engineered meta-human heroes protect our country's interests at home and abroad... they are the VANGUARD.