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Welcome to Michael!!


Welcome Officially to the roll out of Michael's webcomic!

Michael is my first delving into material not exclusive to adults. This should be interesting for a retired sailor.

Part of my motivation is that I now teach 6th graders (10-12 year olds), and It's hard not having a story that they can read of mine. Heh. I first started writing Michael back in about 2007, and it is currently undergoing a huge rewrite.

My hope had been to start this at the same time I was publishing my corresponding novel, but that hasn't worked out! I still have at least two more chapters and of course editing and revisions to do before I'm comfortable publishing it.

Fun Fact: My first iteration of Michael is still published on the web! Check out the first iteration on "The Duck" Though I will probably be pulling what's there down by say March and posting the upgraded story there as well...