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Michael on PDF!

My apologies for the late post. I was honestly out of stuff to share with you!

So this is a last minute reminder that I recently published the first volume of Michael on PDF through my Gumroad store.

This volume includes chapters from Prelude to Trouble all the way up to Out of the Bag! Extras include the original all pencil version of the tale as well as early concept art of Michael and scenes from this story (or upcoming ones).

Updates Resume November 2nd!

That's right, Hiatus will officially end with this posting! And updates resume next Monday! Let's pick up where we left off shall we as "All Hell Breaks Lose" continues!

Threads: Secret Places Kickstarter!

I'm happy to say that Threads: Secret Places is already 2/3's of the way to our goal of $6,500! Last week, my commission tier opened up!

I contributed the story "Into the Void" about a sailor's "routine inventory" leading to a fantastic world where mythological creatures live in an advanced social structure... or does it?