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Heading home

With yet more to think about, Michael finds himself having to walk home. We all remember what happened the last time he did THAT...

And that is a wrap of this chapter!

I will be posting some concept pieces I've done in the past few months to cover the two week chapter break. The comic will return on March 11 with "Any Port in a Storm".

Fight the Good Fight

Fight for belief, fight for right, fight to defend those who can't help themselves... this is what heroes are made of.

Steamgear Inc. - The story of Ax Arcenast, a woman with an alchemical fire extinguisher who fights for justice after her brother's death at the hands of the world's greatest tech company.

Autumn Wing and the Crown of Fire
Autumn Wing and the Crown of Fire - In a beautiful and dangerous world, gentle nephilim Autumn journeys to create his own halo to become an angelic hero and prove his worth--and perhaps, find the beauty within himself along the way.