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CB: Repose

Boy this picture is old... REALLY old...(A bit spoilerish too) very shortly after learning hot to do things digitally (and not that great at it yet either). Still this picture has a certain mood to it that I just love!

The new chapter "Out of the Bag.." will begin on March 9th! Stay with me as I get things buffered somewhat!

Comics of the Week - Feb 23

Are you really in another realm or did you hit the wall and die? Did you really reunite with your friend long after he was presumed dead? These spooky stories explore these questions and more.

Corner the Maze follows the adventures of Chimalli Ramirez, a racing driver who finds himself stranded in another dimension after veering off track during a sudden rain storm. Updates twice a week, Tuesday and Thursday.

Numb is a mystery comic that combines character driven drama with surreal horror made entirely with traditional watercolors. Join Levi and his childhood friend Susan, as they try to navigate through the strange events that start surrounding them.