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Paper Lantern Ghost by Vayandil

Our winning contest entry is from Vayandil one of the @OwlBasketTeam creators, who make the zany cool adventure, Realm of Owls

From Vayandil:

"I wanted to take a do-it-yourself approach, so the costume basically just consists of a modified rice paper lamp shade, a bed sheet cut into a cape with a zig-zag edge and anything black to hide rest of the body into darkness. With a lamp shade on his head and a black cloth mask as a backup, Michael won't have to stress about hiding his features! The detachable head is also good for severed floating head tricks..."

A REALLY neat costume design for a kid who doesn't want people to see the real deal! :)

Though if his school is anything like the one I teach in he might get in trouble for no one being able to see who he is at all...